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Contact:   Gene Pearcy

Mailing Address:
     Kansas Whitetail Adventures
     17513 1950 RD
     Benedict, KS 66714

Phone:  (620) 926-2770

E-mail:   gp@kansaswhitetails.com

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About Us
Kansas Hunting guides web site
Our rifle hunts are from ladder stands mostly, but we do have some blinds in certain areas. Rifle shots vary from 20 yards to 200 yards, with an average range being less than 100 yds.

All of our deer will weigh from 180 lbs. up to 300 lbs. They lose a lot of body weight during the rut, but the average weight is still 200 lbs. We take you right to the spot on all hunts, and if you're not happy with that spot, we'll move you. We are here to do what ever it takes to get you a trophy; we want everyone to come back.

Trophy Whitetail deer hunting with Kansas Whitetail Adventures

We have nearly 20,000 acres of prime deer and turkey hunting ground we have leased and managed for the past 14 years. We also have an extremely high success rate on our hunts and have had a very high percentage of returning clients over our 14 years of service.

All of our bow hunting is out of tree stands. We hunt natural funnels between feeding and bedding areas and most shots are 25 yards or less. 98% of our bow kills net over Pope and Young with over 200 P&Y deer harvested to date.

Don't miss out on the hunt of a lifetime. Visit our website for more details.

Packages Available
Kansas Hunting guides and Fishing Guides web site

Deer Hunting

    Rifle Deer Hunts
  • Cost = $3,295 5 Day hunt
  • Cost = $5,000 10 Day hunt
  • Includes meals & lodging

    Archery Deer Hunts
  • Cost = $3,095 5 1/2 Day Hunt
  • Includes meals & lodging

Turkey Hunting

  • Cost = $1,150 Guided
  • Cost = $850 Unguided
  • 3 Day Hunt
  • Up to 2 birds may be taken
  • Eastern and Rio Grande Hunts
  • Includes meals and lodging

Guide Type
Kansas Hunting guides and Fishing Guides web site

Kansas Hunting:
          Shot gun

          Whitetail Deer hunting  
          Eastern Turkey hunting  
          Rio Grande Turkey hunting  

Experience Levels:
          All Levels          

Kansas turkey hunting wiht Kansas Whitetail Adventures.

Guided Areas
Kansas Hunting guides and Fishing Guides web site

Hunting and fishing Location in Kansas

Additional Information
Kansas Hunting guides and Fishing Guides web site

Dates Available:
       Deer and Turkey season - please see website for hunting dates.

Years Experience:
       14 years

       Included in packages.

Whitetail deer hunting in Kansas with Kansas Whitetail Adventures

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