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Contact:   Galen Kleymann

Mailing Address:
     Flint Hills Adventures
     1439 RD 29
     Elk City, KS 67344

Phone:  (620) 673-4066

Mobile  (316) 323-2802

E-mail:   info@FlintHillsAdventures.com

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About Us
Kansas Hunting and Fishing Guides web site

"Come Enjoy the Great Flint Hills of Kansas!"

Flint Hills Adventures hunting guide services, your guides to the great Flint Hills of southeast Kansas. We have access to 35,000 acres of the best deer hunting and quail hunting grassland in the world. We offer trophy deer hunting, turkey hunting, and wild quail hunting and access to the stewards of the land.

Come spend some quality time in the best nature has to offer!

Kansas deer hunting guides in the Flint Hills.

Southeast Kansas has some of the best quail hunting habitat and quail numbers in the country. We offer challenging wild bird hunts across some of the most beautiful terrain you will ever see. All of our hunts are fully guided with hunting dogs available. If you have your own quail hunting dogs, you are welcome to bring them.

Packages Available
Kansas Hunting and Fishing Guides web site
Deer Hunting
  • Cost = $2,500 Rifle 10 day hunt
  • Cost = $2,200 Bow 10 day hunt
  • Cost = $1,600 Muzzle 10 day hunt
  • All Lodging and Meals
  • All Transportation
  • Our hunts are all Semi-guided deer hunts
  • Not included: Licenses or permit

For more Pricing options see our website

Spring Turkey
  • Semi Guided - Cost = $800
  • Fully Guided - Cost = $1,100
  • Unguided - Cost = $600

  • 4 days of hunting
  • 4 nights of Lodging
  • Bag Limit of 2 Toms

    For more details on what each package contains, see our Turkey Hunting page.
  • Cost = $250 per day / per gun
  • Semi Guided - Cost = $160
  • Unguided - Cost = $120
  • All Lodging and Meals
  • Meals: Include breakfast, dinner and a packed lunch
  • Professional guide
  • Transportation to and from field

Guide Type
Kansas Hunting and Fishing Guides web site
Kansas Hunting:

Kansas Fishing:
          Bass - Large mouth  

Kansas Quail Hunting guides of Flint Hills Adventures.

Experience Levels Guided:
          All Levels          

Guided Areas
Kansas Hunting and Fishing Guides web site

    In the Flint Hills of Southeast Kansas

Hunting Location in Kansas

Additional Information
Kansas Hunting and Fishing Guides web site

Dates Available:
       All Year round.

Years of Experience:
       13 Plus Years

       Included in the Price on Most packages.

Kansas deer hunting with Flint Hills Adventures.

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