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Kansas deer hunting guides and pheasant hunting guides owskin Creek Outfitters
has approximately 4,000 acres of quality managed Kansas deer hunting, pheasant & quail hunting land available for your next hunting trip.

We offer guided trophy deer hunting packages that have you, the trophy deer hunters, in mind.
Kansas deer hunting with Cowskin Creek Outfitters
Our services include good food, great hospitality, comfortable lodging, transportation to and from Wichita Mid-Continent Airport, and a rifle and skeet shooting range. This truly is an outstanding place to hunt.

If you are interested in a guided deer hunting, pheasant hunting, or quail hunting trip - Cowskin Creek Outfitters has a guided Kansas Hunting Trip for you.

Kansas deer hunting with Cowskin Creek Outfitters

Kansas Deer Hunting

For the past ten years we have had a quality deer management program in effect and the results have allowed us to harvest some trophy deer on our Kansas guided deer hunts.

As most deer hunters know, Kansas produces some of the biggest Trophy Whitetail Deer in the nation.  We are now offering you the opportunity to harvest one of these Kansas Trophy Whitetail Deer on your next Kansas Deer Hunting trip.

Attention Hunters: A hunter education certificate is required by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and is to be carried at all times by hunters born after July 1, 1957.

Kansas Trophy Buck - Taken Rifle Season 2005 - 15 Point

Kansas Pheasant Hunting
               & Quail Hunting

Pheasant hunting in Kansas with Cowskin Creek Outfitters

Kansas Ring Neck Pheasant and Quail have made a very solid growth rate over the last several years. Without stocking any birds, Kansas is known to be an excellent state for Pheasant hunting and Quail hunting.

Our hunts take place on some of the best hunting land kansas has to offer.

With over 4,000 acres of native prairie grass, grain fields, hedge rows, and wooded areas, combined with low predator populations, and high availability of water sources at nearly every location, our upland birds have abundant habitat and population inertia to flourish making this truly a bird hunters paradise.

Kansas Hunting Trips

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    Book Early to save a spot on a Trophy Deer Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, or Quail hunting trip.

    Recommended Hunting Items to Bring

  • Insulated tall rubber or waterproof boots and extra socks
  • At least one pair of good camo pants and jacket
  • Rain gear including head, jacket and pants
  • Heavy and light pair of gloves
  • Blazing orange vest
  • Short and long sleeve shirts
  • At least 5 boxes of shotgun shells per person unless you are planning to shoot skeet, then double or triple that amount
  • At least 2 boxes of rifle shells
  • Gutting and skinning knives
  • Walkie talkies
  • Chap stick or Carmex
  • Binoculars or spotting scope
  • All other clothes for casual dressing

  • Remember there is only one thing about Kansas weather, and that is that it is completely uncertain. It is not uncommon to have a morning near or below freezing and afternoons in the 70's to 80's.

    Trout fishing in Arkansas

    Arkansas Trout Fishing

    If you are interested in some great fishing, give us a call or E-mail Us about some of The World's Best Rainbow Trout Fishing or Brown Trout Fishing in Arkansas.

    We have several openings for fishing trips at our very luxurious riverside lodge on the beautiful White River in Arkansas.

    Rates start for as little as $150 per night with all accommodations available.

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